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Placement Guide

Please follow the the link below to download the files that makeup the Placement Guide, which is just a sneak peak of the Startup Package you will receive upon the purchase of your first machine.

Placement Guide Contents:

  1. Boozelator® Placement Guide PDF: this will walk you through proven techniques for contacting and landing locations for your Boozelator® machine in bars/pubs/clubs, including how to pitch the machine, who to talk to, what to talk about, what to offer them and what questions/concerns you may receive and how to answer them properly.
  2. Printable Brochures (2 files for front and back) to be professionally printed at a local print shop, such as Staples, FedEx Office, etc. on nice glossy card stock to show your professionalism. Notice there is a blank spot at the bottom to enter your contact information.
  3. News Clip Video: A powerful 2 minute video you can download for sharing with locations from a recent news clip that shows interviews with a bar partron, bartender, owner of a bar, route owner and demonstrates that the route operator has support from the state Alcohol & Beverage Control and local law enforcement.
  4. Contract: A sample contract that you may want to use for securing your position with the establishment. Not always necessary, but some people like to use them.


Download The Placement Guide Here