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Start a Cash Vending Route



How To Start

All you need is one vending machine to get started and there are no startup nor royalty fees, as we are not a franchise; so all profits are yours to keep. Vending is a numbers game, the more machines you have, the higher your sales can be and the more advertising screens you have to sell. Feel free to call us at 1 (800) 604-0226 for further information and we can walk you through the simple process. We provide you with a Free Placement Guide for contacting your local bars/pubs/clubs so you can obtain approval for placement. We provide you with virtually everything you need to get started with the purchase of your Boozelator®, including free lifetime support, free training and how-to guides/videos, and much more. Install your machine at it’s new home with our ‘easy install guide’ and start earning cash from vending sales & sell ads on the Smart LCD Advertising Monitor! Purchase Now!

The Boozelator® 5001 Buy Now!

An accurate breathalyzer machine can be a desired safety product for any venue serving alcohol (restaurants, bars, night clubs, lounges, hotels, etc.). The Boozelator® 5001 breathalyzer vending machine is placed in these, and similar, venues to allow alcohol consumers to check their BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) level for a fee. You can set the machine for $1-$5/test for cash vends, and any amount you wish for credit card vends.  The Boozelator® 5001 works for you all night long while you sleep; What other job allows you to earn an income while you sleep?!

You can be the savior for local bar-goers by giving them this tool to gauge whether they are okay to drive home or not.  The Boozelator® is also used for other reasons aside from safety, such as curiosity, educational and entertainment purposes.  Simply install the Boozelator® 5001 within minutes and start earning CASH!

Want to learn more about the Boozelator® 5001?   Boozelator 5001 Brochure

Extra Income

  • 1-10 Units, Can be a great 2nd income! Can be managed in just a few hours every +/- 2 months
  • 25-100+ Units, Can great full-time job! or an 2nd income! Can be managed in less than 1 day every +/- 2 months

Niche Market

Be the first in your area to capitalize on the unique business of alcohol vending machines! The Boozelator® 5001 is the latest and greatest in the vending industry and can be extremely well perceived by restaurant/bar owners, as well as patrons. This is an open market NOW, so strike while the iron is hot! We project that breathalyzer vending machines will be in every bar in the future, due to ever increasing alcohol regulations and DUI awareness, so why not be the one to bring them to market in your city, town or neighborhood?!

The Boozelator® 5001 Cash Sales

Place machines in local bars, restaurants or anywhere alcohol is served and let your machine work for you, even while your sleeping! Rent your machine out for parties or setup at tailgating events for the mobile machine – we even have a car/marine battery adapter for your traveling Boozelator®. You may or may not be required to share a small percentage of vending profits with the venue for supplying you with electricity. Sell ads to local businesses to earn additional income.

Low Maintenance

Typically you only need to service the Boozelator® 5001 once every 6-8 weeks! Regular service entails emptying cash and filling straws (as a sanitary testing mouthpiece). Calibrate  your sensor a few times per year, takes only about 90 seconds. Maintenance takes just a few minutes of your time, only once every 6-8 weeks or so! Average maintenance costs are about $2/month or $24/year per machine.

Why We are Different & More Profitable!

The Boozelator® 5001 is the most advanced vending breathalyzer on the market due to its LCD flat panel monitor, law enforcement grade sensor, along with the most upgradable features of any breathalyzer vending machine on the market. Generate higher profits than any other vending breathalyzer machine with advertising. The Boozelator® 5001 also has a higher quality sensor that requires less maintenance and should last 2-5 years before needing to be replaced. Calibrate every 500+ uses (not at 200 blows like other popular machines).  Click here to learn more about the differences between The Boozelator® and other popular semiconductor brands.


The Boozelator® 5001 is very competitively priced.  The more you order, the more you save! Order Now!

Call us (800) 604-0226 or email us sales@blobrothers.com for special pricing.

Customer Support

We only succeed if YOU SUCCEED! We realize that our customers/partners are the most important part of our business. We offer free phone & email support for life to assist you in all of your Boozelator® or breathalyzer vending needs. We are a great resource for teaching you tricks for making maintenance easier, creating higher vending usage, selling ads and more.

We offer advice and support for:

  • Placing your machines in bars
  • selling advertising
  • programming your machines
  • every other part of your vending experience

Additionally, we offer on-site training:  For those who would like one-on-one training, we have package deals where we can come to your location and offer onsite training.

Blo Dad & Sons, LLC has been exceptional with customer service.   Staff members have not only been personal, but have responded to me the customer above and beyond what I could have asked for.   It is rare to find a company so honest and willing to work so diligently for their customers success.  It has been pleasant to know such integrity still exists in the business world.

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Payback (ROI)

There is no guarantee on ROI with any business, though we have heard great success stories from our clients/partners. The more ads you sell the quicker the ROI, the better the location the quicker the ROI. In a sub par location, it can take longer – the good news is that the machine is easily transported to a new location if necessary, which is unique for a vending machine. We can help you find the best locations. What other business can you own for under $2,000? And with only about $25/year in maintenance, once you pay off your machine, sales can be virtually all profit!


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