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Blo Dad & Sons has been exceptional with customer service.   Staff members have not only been personal, but have responded to me the customer above and beyond what I could have asked for.   It is rare to find a company so honest and willing to work so diligently for their customers success.  It has been pleasant to know such integrity still exists in the business world.  I give Blo Dad & Sons a High Five!!

Deanna Stringer, Drink Smart Idaho, LLC


Kris, I received my Boozelator® today. I think you under-estimated this thing, it’s like a Rolls Royce compared to my other one! It’s like day and night, there’s not even remotely a contest!

John, Long Island, NY


Please read this testimonial in full: 

In December 2010, I saw an add in a small business magazine for Alcobuddy breathalyzer vending machines. It was not a Boozelator® machine, as I did not know of BD & Sons at this point, or I would have gone with them to start. I thought this was an amazing concept and was something I could really get behind since I do not drink and have been sober for nearly 2 years now. I purchased 1 machine and after one week the machine did so well, I ordered 10 more. However, after 2 weeks, I started hearing numerous complaints the machine was giving inaccurate results and patrons and along with the bar owner were not happy with the machine. I managed to place 4 other machines, but found it nearly impossible to place the others since the reputation of the faulty product had quickly spread throughout this small town.


I tried Calibrating the machines several times, and it was nearly impossible. I made several YouTube videos of me trying to calibrate the machine, showed them to the original company and all they could tell me was I had an “inability” to calibrate the machines. On the phone, one of their technicians said he sometimes uses a cap full of Vodka to make the simulator, or is basically just guessing. To sum, I tried my hardest to return all 11 machines and the Alcobuddy would not take them back.


I still believed in this concept, but my Alco-Buddy was more of a novelty that gave wildly inaccurate results as opposed to notifying patrons if they were okay to drive home or not. Thankfully, I called Gabe with Blo Dad & Sons and he was willing to trade some of my machines out for his. Let me tell you, his machines are the real deal. The Boozelator® 3001 instantly started to make more money then the other inferior machines. It is a fuel cell sensor which is always accurate and I feel good about myself bolting the machine to the wall. It looks good, has a great looking LCD screen and overall is a much better product. The advertising revenue is actually easy to acquire. I put an ad on Craigslist saying “who wants to advertise on my Breathalyzers?” and I had about a call a week with people willing to pay $200-$400 per year.


The customer service is a big deal also. These machines are self sufficient, but still I found myself calling them and asking for support and advice which Gabe and Kris were always extremely helpful. Overall, I would recommend this business to anyone who is willing to put in the work. I have 5 machines placed and the best day of the month is the 1st where I go and collect $$$. It’s fun!


Paul Bozeman, MT


I am retired from 17 yrs as a mortgage loan officer and I need to do something for extra income.  I’m tired of the corporate politics, managing people, and working for someone else.  The Boozelator® breathalyzer vending route sounds perfect!

I have a son who is a police sargeant near Minneapolis, so I talked to him about the Boozelator®.  He thought it was a fantastic idea!  In the 14 yrs as a police officer, he has been on the night shift for 13 of those yrs.  He said that he can’t count how many times people have told them that they had no idea they were over the legal limit.

Cat, MI


I feel I should share how my relationship with BD & Sons has gone. First class is how I would classify my experience with their salesman, Gabe Jacobs. From my first call with dozens of questions he has been professional and prompt. I was very hesitant about purchasing 2 machines and had many questions. I even went as far as driving to his hometown to see the product in person. After meeting Gabe for only an 1 hour, I was sold on his professionalism and the quality of the product. I was treated like I was purchasing 50 machines and gave me excellent service throughout the process. In the past 8 months I have grown from 2 to 18 breathalyzers. Some of these machines I have purchased from third parties. BD & Sons knows this and is still on top of their game with excellent customer service. I have called with questions after 5 or even on the weekends, 9 out of 10 times they answer and are able to help me. Gabe has even gone as far as to drive a hour and a half, on 2 separate occasion, to attend a advertising sales meeting on my behave. How many sales people do you know that would do that? What has really sold me lately is his unwavering service with my third party purchases. This is very appreciated Gabe, thank you.


Trey Orlando, FL


Blo Dad & Sons has been a pleasure to work with. They are true to their word – they helped us start our business, land locations immediately and helped with landing advertisers for us too. The Boozelator® 3001 is a top notch machine by both it’s looks and features. As of now we have a 23 machine route, and growing. Our machines are averaging over 150 uses/month, and advertising accounts for more. It feels great to run a business that helps save lives, and is profitable! I am proud to recommend Blo Dad & Sons to anyone looking for an easy to run, supplemental income business.

Claire, NY


I just wanted to say I have never had better customer service. Blo Dad & Sons is a great company to work with!

Tony – San Dimas, CA


The following is from an OH route operator: Lifestyle Vending Concepts:

I Just got an interesting text from an unknown number. I appreciated “him” reaching out to me to tell this story below. I asked if I could anonymously share this story with people. He agreed to let me, as this could help other people someday. This is what it says verbatim:

Hey man, I am friends with a guy that knows you and he told me about your business a while back. When he told me about it I laughed and told him it would never work here because I thought it was gimmicky and would only work in touristy locations. Well, I have changed my opinion. A few days ago, I was at a bar in Hyde Park and after repeated requests from my buddy to use the damn breathalyzer, I did use it and blew a .10. I barely felt buzzed since I only had a handful of drinks, and just dismissed this result as the machine not being accurate. Totally ignoring the possibility that the machine actually might be providing me important information (and the fact that I’ve always been a good driver after drinking, LOL!), I got in my car and drove to the next bar. Dumbass mistake!I got pulled over for speeding and the cops said the smelled alcohol. Since it had been 30 minutes since my last drink, I agreed to their breathalyzer test, and sure as s#*t…I blew a .10. I’m now facing DUI charge and a major hassle, as I drive a company car for my sales job. Hopefully my lawyer can get my charges reduced, LOL! It’s going to cost me some serious coin, that’s for damn sure. Keep doing what you are doing and just know I will help promote the use of breathalyzers in bars as legit. Some of us just are slow learners, LOL! Best of luck, I think you’re onto something. Peace.

While I hate to hear about anybody getting a DUI, I think this story speaks volumes to what most of us have done many times, and can probably resonate with most people. We don’t drink and drive maliciously. We drive after drinking out of misperception. We think we are “ok to drive”, but have no science to validate this perception. The bar-based breathalyzers definitely can help with this and lead to better decisions…decisions that will not disrupt your lifestyle. I hope this dude gets his charges reduced and he can keep in good graces with his employer.

Michael Lifestyle Vending Concepts, OH


I purchased a Boozelator® 2 months ago and is in my home arcade. I have really enjoyed your product and it has been a bigger hit inside my arcade than my actual arcade games! I have tried 3 other brands (Alcobuddy and other brands that are the same machine only with a different brand label) before finding the product that I love, the Boozelator®.

Justin, CA


Blo Dad & sons are truly stepping up to the high standards I have expected from reading your great reviews and conversations with you. I greatly appreciate your help.

– Brian, NJ

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