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Return Policy

Due to the nature of the vending machine business (since the machines may come in contact with the public and since they are expensive to manufacture new machines to replace sold inventory that you are purchasing) all sales are final. All BLO Dad & Sons, LLC’s vending machines are thoroughly tested prior to shipment to Customer and are guaranteed to be shipped in perfect working order.  In the unlikely event that a part inside the machine is defective, we will swap out the part for you under the warranty period. We offer free lifetime support for products sold directly from BLO Dad & Sons, LLC, for troubleshooting your vending/advertising products, in order to ensure you are up and running with any potential issues, immediately! We offer some resale support in the event that you must sell your machines, including ad listing templates, suggested places to list for free or our consignment program.


Posted Date: September 15, 2009