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Touchscreen BAC + Photo Booth!

Brand New!

Waste-E-Face™ Touchscreen Photo Booth/Selfie Station Breathalyzer

2015_WEF_LowRes We have partnered up with Overwatch, LLC, a Texas-based company, to design and develop the Waste-E-Face™ Touchscreen BAC & Selfie Station machine; the world’s first & only Selfie Station Breathalyzer vending machine!

Vending Options For User:

  • Take a Selfie/Photo
  • Take a Breathalyzer Test
  • Or Both!

Waste-E-Face™ In Action (Promo Video) 

Click the symbol to expand menus belowCheckbox_Temp

Selfie/Photo Function:

  1. Touch screen to begin and choose the “Photo” option
  2. Agree to a disclaimer on touchscreen authorizing your machine to take your photo and for photo to be posted on website and large TV in establishment
  3. Make payment: cash or credit (charge user any amount you wish!)
  4. Customer (and friends) pose in front of the machine with a live view on the touchscreen so they can pose appropriately. Customer has up to 3 tries to retake their photo
  5. Choose a border/theme for your photo (themes can be updated regularly)
  6. Choose to send photo directly to Facebook and/or email photo to yourself
  7. Picture is then sent (wirelessly) to a large screen TV within the establishment so you get to see your photo on the large screen. It will rotate with up to 40 of the last photos taken.

Breathalyzer Test Option: (law enforcement technology)

  1. Touch screen and chooses BAC Test option
  2. Agree to a disclaimer warning them never to drink and drive and to hold you, the machine owner, harmless from any liability
  3. Make payment: cash or credit (charge any amount you wish!)
  4. Results are displayed on the touchscreen and a warning not to drive appears with all results

Selfie/Photo + BAC Test Option:

A combination of the two above. The only difference is that you can choose a setting that allows the user to stamp their BAC result on their photo, which will appear with a warning, such as: 0.05% “Not Official BAC Test. Do Not Drive!” You can also choose a setting that allows the machine to send BAC results to the large TV screen. Or you can disable these settings if you choose not to allow specific locations to have these functions.


Same as Boozelator® 5001. Refill mouthpieces (uses regular drinking straws) and calibrate every 500 tests or 3 months, whichever comes first. Total maintenance: 3 minutes per visit.

Sell Ads: 

for additional revenue on 2 screens: the 12″-19″touchscreen AND the large screen TV (sold separately – can use any TV with an HDMI input) that rotates through photos and advertisements. You choose the rotation of photos: for example: 5 photos/1 ad, 6 photos / 1 ad, etc. You choose how long each photo is displayed for (5 seconds by default).

Remote Monitoring/Controls:

  • Send ads to your machine and the large TV from your home or office computer with our proprietary web-based software.
  • Monitor your sales and straw levels from home. Get weekly reports emailed to you on sales and straw levels.
  • Automatic email is generated if your straws get low on a machine
  • Change pricing per test/photo: charge ‘any’ amount you wish for each option.
  • Offer promotions/happy hours: discount price per test/photo on certain days and/or hours of the day
  • Update scrolling text on the bottom of the large screen TV
  • Change settings on large screen TV:
    • update scrolling text on footer
    • change amount of photos that rotate
    • change amount of ads that rotate
    • choose option to post photos from other bars in your network on each machine


Waste E Face™ Machine Price:

8 machine minimum, built to order: 4 week production time. Since we sell to over 20 countries with various payment systems, we charge separate for the payment system that best suits you. Add $59/machine for shipping.

PreOrder Sale: Limited Time Only!

  • 8-10 units: $4,499/machine Sale Price: $3,049 each 
  • 25 units: $4,199/machine Sale Price: $2,699 each
  • 50+ units: $3,999/machine Sale Price: $2,320 each 

Payment Systems (sold separate so you can pick and choose):

  • Bill Acceptor w/upgraded stacker for easy collection: $199 each
  • Credit Card Reader: $379 each
  • Coin Acceptor: $69 each

Shipping: $69/machine (to continental USA – inquire within for other areas)

Tax: Only Florida residents pay 6% sales tax. TAX-FREE for all areas outside of Florida.

Large screen TV sold separate. Sends pics and ads to big screen TV wirelessly, only requirements are an HDMI port on your TV & Internet (to enjoy the full features of the machine) where the machine is placed.


IMPORTANT NOTES: photos require large servers to maintain, so there is a monthly maintenance fees if you wish to join the online network for machines. Photos from each machine will be posted to our website so the user can visit the site to view and download their photos and other users photos. Server fees are based on how many machines you own. 10-20 machines: $30/month, 21-50 machines: $55/month, 51-100 machines: $90/month.