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Boozelator® 5001+ On SALE!!!

On Sale!

The Boozelator® 5001+ is HERE! The next Generation Boozelator®

  1. New design, rounded corners
  2. New improved fuel cell alcohol sensor – the #1 commercial grade sensor on the market
  3. Android-based operating system for easier customizations
  4. Locking straw box so nobody can take a straw unless they purchase a breath test


On SALE!!!

 PreOrder sale purchases must be ordered over the phone or email: 800-604-0226. Based on availability.

  • Remote Monitoring System $199: FREE w/sale
  • Bill Stacker Upgrade: $109: FREE w/sale
  • Straw Lock: $99: FREE w/sale
  • PRICE LIST (Preorder sale is not represented in price list)

Boozelator® 5001+ Machine Pricing



Downloadable Files:

Boozelator® 5001 Product Brochure – PDF download

Boozelator® 5001 Pricing Guide – PDF download

Boozelator® PLACEMENT GUIDE – PDF package

Boozelator® Sample Ad Rate Card – PDF download

Boozelator® 5001 Specs – PDF download

Boozelator® Sample Ad Rate Card – PDF download


Platinum Fuel Cell Breathalyzer Vending Machine w/ SMART LCD Screen

The Boozelator® Platinum Fuel Cell breathalyzer vending machine revolutionized the breathalyzer vending machine upon it’s release in 2010. Years of development left the competition in the dust. With it’s SMART LCD advertising/instructional monitor, it’s law enforcement grade technology, sophisticated silk-screened appearance, and upgradable abilities, the Boozelator® 5001 is the most advanced breathalyzer vending machine on the planet! The SMART LCD advertising screen is not only used for advertising, but it also walks the user through the breathalyzer process and displays their results on the large screen. You can even trigger certain ads to populate when someone blows a certain result!

  • Law Enforcement Grade Fuel Cell Alcohol Sensor
  • +/-0.005% Accuracy
  • SMART LCD Advertising Monitor 12″-32″ (Price varies)
  • Professional Design
  • Free Lifetime Phone & Email Support

  • Remote Monitoring Membership: Note: Network Card (WiFi/Ethernet) enabled machines require us to maintain a large server, and therefore we must charge a small monthly or yearly membership fee to help us maintain this. It is $129/year 0r $14.99/month ‘flat rate’ for every 25 machines you have hosted on our servers. You can forgo this fee by hosting your own server.
  • Warranty Statement: located in the footer of our website below.
  • Return Policy located in the footer of our website.
  • Maintenance: Some machine parts require calibration: The alcohol sensor should be calibrated once every 500 tests or 6 months, whichever comes first. It can’t hurt to calibrate more often and this is a simple task. The bill acceptor may need calibration +/- every 3 years or so to maintain optimal performance; bill calibrators are only $30 and are reusable.