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Please view the Cheap Machines page to see what the general differences are in the Boozelator® 3001 & 5000 compared with other brand breathalyzer vending machines.  Please view this page to view the differences between The Boozelator® and other popular semiconductor machines:

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There are a few resellers of this machine, which is a generic machine and re-branded by resellers. Sometimes it is difficult to tell this machine because the resellers will brand them with their own wraps, etc. To help identify this machine, look for the circuit board display, typically placed in the upper left. Notice the LED readout, followed by 4 lights on below and on the right of the circuit board.


Boozelator® Popular Semiconductor Brands
Sensor Type
  • Law enforcement preferred Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor
  •  +/-0.005% accuracy, even in non-sterile environments
  • Functions normally in harsh air environments
  • Fuel Cell sensors are approved by law as a standard in measuring high accuracy BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) results
  • Novelty grade Semiconductor Sensor
  • +/-0.01% accuracy in a STERILE AIR environment. Dramatically less accuracy when not used in a sterile environment
  • Accuracy and life is effected by exposure to: alcohol fumes, perfume, cologne, hair spray, smoke and other air pollutants
  • Semiconductor sensors have never been an approved method by law enforcement for measuring BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content)
Sensor Life
  • Lasts 2-5 years under normal use, regardless of the amount of tests
  • $199 per sensor every 2-5 years on average
  • Lasts 800-1,100 tests in a sterile environment, less in a non-sterile air environment
  • $100 per sensor every few months
Yearly sensor maintenance with 2,500 tests
  • $1-$2/year on average in calibration costs
  • Low maintenance


  • $200-$300 or more per machine per year in sensor replacement at 2-3+ per year. This $200-$300 does not include calibration costs
  • High maintenance
Sensor calibration
  • Suggested calibration every 500 tests, though they are known to hold a calibration up to 1,000 blows in some field testing
  • Uses a DOT approved commercial grade calibrator, accurate within +/-0.02°C
  • Uses pharmaceutical grade ethanol for high-accuracy calibration solution
  • Takes under 60 seconds with push-button calibration
  • Requires calibration every 200-300 tests, which means more visits for maintenance, gas, etc.
  • Uses a plastic bottle for calibration that can be expensive and is NOT DOT approved
  • Requires making your own calibration solution with unknown alcohol content standards
  • Requires a microwave to heat the solution and calibrator, which is not only impractical for bringing a microwave to a bar, but alcohol is evaporated when heated in a microwave, ensuring an inaccurate method of calibration
  • Any calibrator that varies more than 0.02°C will result in inaccurate calibration. Cheap calibrators do not have thermostats to ensure this
  • Takes several minutes to over 30 minutes calibrate and requires turning knobs and a lot of trial & error
  • You must hold the machine up while calibrating, since it opens downward, making it awkward to calibrate and maintain in general due to this poor door design
Sensor Function
  • The Fuel Cell Sensor works on a PSI gauge, meaning that it will not accept a test unless the user is blowing hard enough for a deep lung sample. This ensures that it will not give a lower result than your actual BAC level (as long as it’s calibrated properly, which is very simple)
  • You have 30 seconds to take your test to ensure you do not lose your turn and your money
  • The Semiconductor sensor does not require any blow to give a result, so if your straw is not aligned properly, the machine will still give you a result, perhaps WAY less than your actual BAC level
  • You only have 5 seconds to take your test, if you miss out, you lose your turn and your money
Advertising Monitor
  • 12”-15” – large enough to view from 50’-75’ away – reaching nearly the whole population of the bar.
  • Fully customizable AND integrates fully with the breathalyzer function, showing instructions for use, tips for higher accuracy and results on the large screen. Creates much more excitement with more options for the user and owner.
  • Uses a commercial grade advertising monitor with several functions
  • 7”-8” – viewable from ~ 5’-10’ away and too small to use as an advertising platform, proving to offer little or no value to an advertiser.
  • DOES NOT integrate with the breathalyzer function
  • Uses a non-commercial grade rotating digital picture frame, the same technology for use at home
Payment Options
  • Can use BOTH a cash acceptor AND credit card acceptor on the same machine


* You must choose EITHER a cash acceptor OR credit card acceptor. WILL NOT support both on the same machine.
Bill Collector Neatly collects bills in a removable collector for easy maintenance Bills drop freely into the machine and fall in every direction, making it difficult to collect and count
Durability The entire front of the machine is protected with heavy duty plexiglass to protect against physical and liquid damage No protection from physical or liquid damage to the circuit board and electronics
  • Professional design, silk-screened artwork to portray it’s high accuracy and high quality construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at
  • Accepted by more bar owners to go with the décor
  • Accepted by high-end establishments
  • Steel or aluminum construction
  • Double-locking doors for enhanced security
  • Opens horizontally, making it easy to work on and maintain
  • EXCLUSIVE design breathalyzer vending machine is sold by Blo Dad & Sons and no other company
  • Designed in the USA with parts from brands around the world (United States, Asia, Germany)
  • Uses cartoon design with stick-on artwork to portray it’s use as strictly a novelty machine
  • Cheap looking machines are not accepted by as many bar owners, making it more difficult to place
  • Steel constructed as the only option
  • Single locking door
  • Opens vertically, meaning that you have to hold the machine while you work on it and maintain it. A design that makes it difficult and awkward to work on.
  • Many semiconductor manufacturers use the SAME internal parts as other breathalyzer vending companies and pop on another label. Some are just better at marketing their name at a higher cost than other companies that use their exact same technology
  • Possibly “assembled” in the USA with FALSE CLAIMS of ‘Made in the USA.’ They purchase kits in bulk made overseas
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