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Cheap Machines

Don’t be fooled by machines that ‘look like’ the Boozelator® 3001. The Boozelator® 3001 has been copied but never duplicated! Knock-offs use inaccurate sensors even though they claim to be high. Ask them to prove their accuracy as we did by comparing to a police breathalyzer on the 6 o’clock news! We can sell you a knock-off unit if you wish, just ask – but we prefer not to. Here is our link for a Generic Boozelator

Fuel Cell Sensors Versus Semiconductor Sensors



Issues with Generic Machines


Not Legal For USA Sale

Knock-off machines are made overseas and require FCC certification in order to be sold or even plugged into a wall in the USA.  To clear up any confusion, FCC compliance is required of any product that plugs into a wall, not just a breathalyzer vending machine. FCC compliance is a VERY lengthy & a VERY expensive process. Any machines sold without FCC compliance are subject to repossession as they are being used illegally. Furthermore the owner may not receive their money back if the re-seller refuses a refund or goes bankrupt. There have been several breathalyzer vending companies to come an go over the years, which means your customer service will cease to exist and so will your replacement parts. Blo Dad & Sons,LLC is a legitimate USA company that is here to stay for the long haul! We are the only breathalyzer vending company with an “A” rating with the BBB. Be sure to check the BBB for any company you do business with.


Generic machines use low quality throw-away sensors. Though they claim pinpoint accuracy, they are severely inaccurate; we have several sources to support this claim. We actually used to sell these types of sensors prior to upgrading to the fuel cell sensor back in 2010. We will never claim an accuracy that we cannot prove – just look at the video to the right comparing the Boozelator® 3001 with a police breathalyzer on the 6 o’clock news. Many throw away sensors are made in 3rd world countries who have different standards other than % BAC (as the USA has), they also do not have the quality control to be tested against a standard to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, throw-away sensors have a shelf-life of about 6 months. You do not know how long they were sitting on the shelf at the factory prior to being sent to your re-seller, nor do you know how long they were sitting on your re-seller’s shelf prior to shipping to you. It is possible that any new sensor you purchase may already be expired. Our fuel cell sensors are made of high quality parts and German-engineered. We calibrate all sensors within 2 weeks of shipping to ensure that they are reading the correct levels upon your receipt. The same fuel cell technology is the industry standard used in law enforcement in the USA and throughout the world. Fuel cell sensors versus semiconductor sensors

High Maintenance Cost

Throw-away sensors ensure that you will pay much more out of pocket over the life of your machine. Replacement sensors can cost you anywhere from $90-$200+/year in sensor replacement. Our fuel cell sensors last 3-5 years and cost only ~$1/year in calibration fees. Say you own 50 machines with throw-away sensors that get 2,000 uses/year. It would cost you about $10,000/year in replacement sensors with the leading competitor. 50 Boozelator® 3001 machines would only cost you $50/year in sensor calibration. That’s a savings of $9,950/year in maintenance!

Less Usage

Once a patron realizes that a semiconductor machine is inaccurate, word typically spreads quickly throughout the location and bar-goers will stop using the machine. You may be forced to remove the machine and relocate it to another bar, because the bar owner will not want an inaccurate machine in their establishment. Our high accuracy sensors ensure that users can trust the machine and therefore the Boozelator® 3001 can stay at each location for several years/decades to come. Our business model is to GROW your business by adding more machines to your route, not to keep relocating. The Boozelator® 3001 also gets more usage than other machines because we have additional signage to attract bar-goers from other parts of the bar. Be sure to inquire about this. Other machines simply look like a metal box on the wall in dimly lit locations; The Boozelator® 3001 is visible from 50′ away with with enlit signage, above and beyond the LCD screen.

Low Security

Generic machines only have one central lock that is easy to penetrate, so your cash and internal parts are susceptible to theft and vandalism. Once one machine is compromised, you may notice that all of your machines around town get visited as well. The Boozelator® 3001 uses double-locking doors for added security.

Limited Payment Options

Generic machines only accept cash or coins. The Boozelator® 3001 can be upgraded to accept cash, credit card and coin all in the same machine.

Customer Support

We offer free & unlimited tech support & customer support for life with your first purchase. We offer a Start-Up package that includes advice on locating machines, selling ads and MUCH more. Other companies cannot touch our first class customer support.


We educate all of our clients on the differences between sensors and everything they need to know about the business and the industry. We have converted customers from every leading breathalyzer vending machine brand and have been told several times that the other companies just sold them the product and did not educate them on the industry. Competition is really lacking in customer support. We want to ensure you know exactly what you are getting into prior to making your purchase.


We have been in the industry for several years and own and operate our own successful breathalyzer vending machine route. We are happy to share our secrets with our customers, who we also refer to as our partners.