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The Boozelator® 5000

Boozelator® 5001 Breathalyzer Kiosk Video Presentation

Download the Boozelator® 5001 Brochure (PDF)

The Concept

Start a cash vending route by placing a Boozelator® 5001 breathalyzer vending machine kiosk in alcohol-serving establishments. Patrons pay a fee ($1-$5 – you set the price) to test their Breath Alcohol Content. Sell advertising on the SMART LCD advertising monitor for additional income. There are NO HIDDEN FEES. We are not a franchise, so there are no start-up or royalty fees. You can start with only 1 machine or start with 50+ machines, there is no minimum order.

Breathalyzer Vending Machine Liability

Breathalyzer vending machines do not pose any liability, and they have been known to be supported by ABC (Alcohol & Beverage Control) of some states. You may notice this claim in one of the TV news clips we have posted on the ‘News Clips‘ section of our website. The Boozelator® 5001, along with any public breathalyzer, is not able to be used in court as evidence, because it does not meet the strict requirements of the court systems. We have taken the Boozelator® 1 step further in relieving any liability by issuing a warning with ‘every’ test result warning the user not to drive. Even at a 0.01%, the lowest possible alcohol reading that is far below the legal driving limit, the Boozelator® 5001 will state: “Alcohol detected, do not drive or operate machinery!”


The Boozelator® 5001               Buy Now!

The Boozelator® 5001 is one of the only breathalyzer vending machines that is actually legal for sale and use in the USA & Canada! A little known fact is that every piece of electronics that plugs into a wall must be FCC certified in order to legally sell and use in the USA, though other manufacturers and resellers have foregone (or potentially failed) the testing procedures; most likely due to the high cost and lengthy time of the testing. We spared no expense with the Boozelator® 5001. This certification is to show that the machine does not emit harmful radio waves to people within close proximity of the machine. In addition to the legal aspects, the Boozelator® 5001 breathalyzer kiosk is also the most advanced breathalyzer vending machine on the planet, due to it’s law enforcement grade platinum fuel cell sensor, high quality construction, classy design, and several other unique advanced product features. Some have tried to copy, but none have succeeded. For Boozelator® 5001 cost, please visit our store from the tab above.

Boozelator® 5001 Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor

Fuel cell sensors are among the best and most accurate alcohol sensors available today, and the only one of the two used in vending (fuel cell versus semiconductor) that are used by law enforcement. Fuel cell sensors are much higher quality, more accurate, more consistent and have a longer life (up to 10x longer) than semiconductor sensors, which are commonly used in competitor machines. Our fuel cell sensors last 2-5 years under normal usage. Fuel cell sensors function better than semiconductor sensors in any environment, specifically poor air quality environments (which is the vast majority of bars). Our fuel cell sensors take only 1 minute to calibrate with push-button calibration; There are no knobs to turn to calibrate, simply blow the solution and click ‘OK’ and your done! We recommend calibrating the fuel cell every 500 uses, but they have been known to last 1,000 tests and still be accurate in some field testing.


The Boozelator® 5001 is very competitively priced. For Boozelator® 5001 price and ordering please visit our store by clicking on the tab above. The more you order, the more you save!  Call us (800) 604-0226 or email us sales@blobrothers.com for special pricing.  Retail: $2,499

Boozelator® 5001 Pricing Table:
ON SALE!!! Visit Product Page To See Sale Pricing Here: Boozelator® Sale
Qty: 1 2-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-50 51+
Price: $1,999On Sale! $1,899On Sale! $1,799On Sale! $1,749On Sale! $1,699On Sale! $1,649On Sale! $1,599On Sale! $1,499On Sale!
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Upgrade Options:

  • 15″ LCD Monitor: Add $129 SALE only $99!
  • 19″ LCD Monitor: Add $279 (min order 2)
  • 26″ LCD SMART Monitor: Add $599 (min order 2)
  • 32″ LCD SMART Monitor: Add $999 (min order 2)
  • WIFI Upgrade KitManage your Boozelator® 5001 machines from your home or office with this smart WIFI system. Upload/delete ads, monitor sales, monitor malfunctions, and more! $299. Estimated availability – March 1.

HD Advertising Monitor

  • Sell 25+ ads at a suggested $30-$50 per month per machine
  • Allows bars to advertise their specials and entertainment
  • Attracts attention for higher breathalyzer usage
  • Integrates with the breathalyzer: it walks the user through the process and displays results on the large screen
  • Have specials ads or individual sayings pop up, depending on what result someone blows! (For instance, if someone blows a 0.08%, a taxi ad can pop up!)
  • Fully customizable!

High Accuracy Results

The Boozelator® 5001 uses a law-enforcement grade platinum fuel cell sensor for BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) results you can trust.  The same sensor is used on some roadside police breathalyzer units.  Most other breathalyzer vending machines use low quality semiconductor sensors, which are not nearly as accurate nor consistent, difficult to calibrate and expensive to maintain.  Click here to learn more about how the Boozelator® 5001 compares to the competition.

Low Maintenance

Maintain the Boozelator® 5001 only once every 6-8 weeks on average.  Regular maintenance includes collecting cash, filling straws with clean straws for breath tests, and calibrating a few times per year.  The average total cost is under $35 per year per machine in maintenance, and under 30 minutes/year in total time spent per machine.

Standard Specs:

  • Weight: 31lbs
  • Size: 24″x16″x6″
  • Wall or stand mountable
  • Accuracy: +/-0.0051%
  • Electric: 110v-240v, USA standard 3 prong adapter
  • Voltage: Draws only 12V for low energy consumption
  • LCD Size: 12″ (larger upon request)
  • Added Security: double-locking doors
  • Straw Capacity: 500+
  • Bill Capacity: 500+
  • Upgrades: * Credit Card Acceptor * Larger Ad Screen * WiFi Control System * Auto Straw Dispenser * Custom Machines Built To Your Specs & Needs!

Call 1-800-604-0226 or email us sales@blobrothers.com for competitive prices!

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